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Stranding Classes

Concentric-Lay Conductors

CLASS B: Power Cables.

CLASS C: Power cables where more flexible stranding than Class B is desired.

CLASS D: Power cables where extra flexible stranding is desired.

Rope-Lay & Bunch Stranded Conductors

CLASS G: All cables for portable use.

CLASS H: Cables where extreme flexibility is required. (i.e. take-up reels)

CLASS I: Apparatus cable and motor leads.

CLASS K: Cords and cables composed of No. 30 AWG copper wires. Stationary service.

CLASS M: Cords and cables composed of No. 34 AWG copper wires. Constant service.

Class 14-2
B 7 19 37
C 19 37 61
D 37 61 91
G 49 133 259
H 133 259 427
I Combinations of 24 AWG Wires
K Combinations of 30 AWG Wires
M Combinations of 34 AWG Wires

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