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Introducing Alpha Wire’s ThermoThin Hook-up Wires

Manufacturers are constantly pressured to reduce the amount of material used in their finished goods in order to save space and costs while maintaining product quality. Alpha Wire’s new Thermothin 600V hook up wire’s ultra- thin walls are unmatched in electrical performance and temperature resilience, while also providing additional cost and space saving benefits.

IEWC is proud to collaborate with Alpha Wire to promote their new ThermoThin hook-up wire. Thermothin’s versatility makes it suitable for usage across multiple industries, but it is especially well suited for applications in the oil and gas, semiconductor, energy generation and production, and military industries, where environmental durability is crucial.

  • Copper -- 29

    八月 28, 2015

    Copper: The Red Metal. Conductor. 29 electrons. All other available conductors out there, including silver (expensive), aluminum (hard), and nickel (resistant), have attributes that make them fine for special applications, but they do not dominate the wire and cable industry (well, aluminum sure makes a run at it!) quite like copper. So why copper? Why not aluminum? Why not water… or iron?

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