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Factory Automation Wire & Cable Solutions from Southwire

Southwire is one of North America's top suppliers of industrial wire and cable that support a broad range of applications including power generation, transit facilities, wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, liquefied natural gas terminals, automotive sector, and institutional campuses. Learn more about Southwire's comprehensive factory automation solutions including:

  • Machine Tray Cable
  • Machine Flexible Hook-up Wire
  • Machine Flexible Power Cable
  • Enhanced Variable Frequency Drive Cable
  • VFD with Pairs and Industrial Ethernet
  • High Temp Hook-up and Power Cable
  • Optimize the Lifespan of Your High-Flex Cables

    十二月 5, 2018

    Given the cost premium of high-flex cables, appropriate attention should be given to the nuances of how cables should be handled and installed in the cable track (C-track, drag chain etc.). Information on this is readily available on the internet from numerous sources that all generally agree in sum and substance. Yet once or twice a year, a manufactures receive an exceedingly damaged (generally corkscrewed) cable back for examination. Occasionally they learn something that they can use to improve cable designs. More often than not, what they find is that there has been improper dress-out of the cable on the machine. Rather than rehash all the basic considerations, this whitepaper focuses on the most common root causes for premature cable failure and how to avoid them.

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